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Joey Perico is the president and the head instructor of the Jeet Kune Do Association of the Philippines located at Pablo Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz), Manila, Philippines. This martial arts instructor has a son named Jorel.


Before establishing the martial arts school, Joey was involved in video and photography. He owned and operated a photo video shop offering video and photographic services. He was likewise a musician and played the electric organ in hotels. But opting for a more stable career and to follow his desire to share his lifelong hobby, he put up the Jeet Kune Do martial arts school where he is now the instructor.


Joey started boxing at the age of six by his father. And at the age of eight to nine, was introduced to Tae Kwon Do (He is one of the pioneer students under Yong Man Park - ITF). That was for three years reaching the blackbelt level at the age of 12. And then realizing the strength of Jeet Kune Do, that this martial art is what he's looking for, which is more oriented to actual fighting. He decided to shift not because classical or Tae Kwon Do is ineffective, but because Joey simply want a non-sport martial art to prepare him for actual combat. After over a decade, and after numerous invitations in the United States to teach, which he turned down, Joey still teaches JKD in his Vito Cruz gym.

Reasons why Perico chose Jeet Kune Do as his present style?

Actually JKD is a martial art which liberates us from the classical bondage. In other words if you see something from other martial arts, you have the freedom to adapt it, to practice it, as long as it is useful and then practical. But the most important thingis not to limit yourself to rules or to restrict your actions because it is foul. Because sometimes, these foul movements are the ones you really need to apply specially if your life is threatened.